The main goal of the research group Arquitectura & Energía lies in the integrated study of active and passive habitability improval measures inside architectonical spaces, compliant with energy saving standards boosting the concept of available energy resources efficiency. The main goal is broken down in secondary goals that focus research on different lines that compose the GIR’s vision.  

Air quality

Assess air quality on indoor spaces according to the premises’ architectonical design.


Analyze the openings’ impact, looking at its disposition and design and its influence in air renewal and local air quality.


Verify aerodynamical behaviour in air ducts for the spaces’ ventilation.


Assess the buildings’ condition in order to identify construction pathologies brought by uncontrolled ventilation through infiltrations.

Indoor and outdoor design

Define indoor and outdoor design methodologies that improve air quality and users’ comfort.

Boundary conditions

Qualify air distribution quality depending on environment conditions.